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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

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  • devoted to children
  • bred for cattle herding
  • loves to run

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, or Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund, is the largest member of the Swiss mountain dogs. There are four breeds of the Swiss mountain dogs: the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Entelbuch Mountain Dog, Apenzell Mountain Dog, and the Bernese Mountain Dog. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog was nearly extinct but brough back about 100 years ago. They are your typical draft dog who love farm chores, pulling carts, sleds and children, for this is what they did in the past. They are square, evenly built dogs that have smooth fur of a tricolor pattern. They are well muscled, and can easily do the work of a horse. They are gentle and enjoy children, doing well to protect them. Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs enjoy being a part of a family. They are easily groomed, do well in obedience, and are sturdy and even tempered. Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs have been known to be protective and caring to not only their owners but to others as well. They are peaceful, calm and happiest within the family. Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs hate to be tied up, as they enjoy their home and do not roam. They are alert, faithful and highly intelligent. Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs favor free space to run and are best suited to suburban or country living. Faithful and true, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is ideal for the country farm family.

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