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  • protective
  • high problem solving
  • very active

Giant SchnauzerThe Schnauzer family comes in three sizes: giant, standard and miniature, but they are each considered separate breeds. The Giant Schnauzer is an unusual looking dog who has high spirits, stamina and loyalty. They are independent and intelligent and need firm and consistent training. Giant Schnauzers may be aggressive with strangers and make excellent watchdogs. They are sturdy, tough and have a wiry coat which breeders work hard to sustain. Their wiry coats are one of few aspects that make them distinct from the Bouvier des Flandres. Giant Schnauzers are excellent guardians, looking intimidating as well as acting protective. They are loyal and very playful with their family, but should be supervised with children. They are brave, intelligent and noble creatures. Giant Schnauzers even served in the first World War, from which popularity arose. Giant Schnauzers are excellent protectors and pets.

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