Eskimo Dog


Height: Females20-24 inches; Males:23-27 inches

Weight: Females: 60-90 lbs.: Males 75-105 lbs.

Life Span:

Litter Size:

Country of Origin:

Activity: High level of activity



Description: The Eskimo Dog is strong and purposeful, it was, and still is, used by the Inuits, or eskimos, as sled dogs.  They have thick fur all over their body in order to protect them from the the freezing temperatures in and around the Arctic Circle.  They have a wedge shaped head with slanted eyes, a strong muzzle, and pricked ears that are set apart.  They have a curled bushy tail and broad, deep chest.  They were also expected to catch their own food, so keep other dogs and livestock away.

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Other Names: Esquimeaux, American Husky

Colors: Any color or combination is permitted.

Coat: About 6 inches long with a thick almost impenetrable undercoat.

Special Skills: Sled dog

Care and Training: Firm training and regular brushing.

Special Needs: Firm handling.

Living Environment: Outdoors. The Eskimo Dog is rarely a house dog.

Registries: CKC, FCI (Group 5), KC