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  • independent
  • likes older children
  • non aggressive

Dandie Dinmont TerrierThe Dandie Dinmont Terrier is an enigmatic fellow who requires a special owner, as they are loving and stubborn at the same time. Dandie Dinmont Terriers are playful and intelligent companions who, deep down inside, have a true terrier spirit. When aroused, the Dandie can be a veritable demon who will tackle a fox or other small vermin. The peaceful personality denies his inner ratting instinct in his outward appearance. A Dandie Dinmont Terrier thrives on human companionship and should not be left alone. They are friendly, easygoing house dogs. They do not instigate fights, but are unafraid of them. They can be used as guard dogs, despite their size, they are willing to fight off unwelcome guests. For a terrier, this breed is quite docile, and does not retain the mentality that all things caught should be killed. They are extremely loyal, affectionate pets. Dandie Dinmonts enjoy a lot of exercise, and are content with just playing. Some are aggressive towards strange dogs, and they also like to dig, as most terriers do. They can be independent and reserved with strangers, but affable and dignified with family.

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