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  • athletic
  • high problem solving
  • shy around strangers

The Dalmatian is a distinctively spotted dog; poised and alert; strong, muscular and active; free of shyness; intelligent in expression. They are capable of great endurance, combined with speed. A friendly, outgoing dog, they will make an excellent companion for anyone who has the time to exercise and train them. Dalmatians will bond very closely with their owner, more so than other breeds and will exhibit separation anxiety when left alone. They are wary of strangers, and males may be aggressive towards other males. Dalmatian puppies are born all white and begin to develop their spots by ten to fourteen days. This is evidence that the spots are actually genetic ticking, as with the Australian Cattle Dog and other breeds that have ticking. Dalmatians are eager, playful and energetic. Potential owners should be aware of the Dalmatians demand for exercise. They can be independent, stubborn and reserved toward strangers. Dalmatians have an affinity to horses, as they love to run beside them as their ancestors did when the British used horse-drawn carriages to pull royalty, and the Dalmatian would run alongside or ahead to clear the pathway through crowded areas. Dalmatians have been described to have a "Gentlemanly reserve."

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