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Clumber Spaniel

Fun Clumber Spaniel Facts

  • likes field sports
  • low activity
  • needs lots of walks

The Clumber Spaniel is first and foremost a gun dog, they may look heavy and stubby, but are very good hunters. Sometimes known as the "Gentleman's Gun Dog", they are the largest of all spaniels. Clumber Spaniels are simply large dogs with short legs. They are longer than they are tall, have white fur with lemon or orange markings on the ears and freckling on the face. Their paws are large, and their head is massive. Some say a little bit of Saint Bernard is what gave them the large head they have. Tails are usually docked one-third, and their their fur is about medium length. Friendly, affectionate, intelligent but sometimes reserved they make an ideal companion for an active elderly person or a family with children. Clumber Spaniels do have a tendency to be lazy if left alone, but will always be ready to join a walk or go hunting.

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