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Chinese Shar PeiThe Chinese Shar-Pei name roughly translates to "draping sand paper like skin" in Chinese where they were once known as the "Chinese Fighting Dog". In 1978 the Guinness Book of Records listed them as the world's rarest dog. Today there is a renewed interest in the breed as a unique family pet. A one family dog, they are suited for both urban and city living, but they do not kennel well. They like to be around people, and are serious about protecting their owners. The Shar-Pei loose wrinkled skin gives them an appealing frowning, sad look, which is a false appearance. Chinese Shar-Peis were once used for fighting but they are now a well-mannered, friendly dog with an easy going nature, but may show aggression towards other dogs. They can be reserved, often suspicious, towards strangers. They are also affectionate with family, calm and independent. Occasionally they are stubborn. Chinese Shar-Peis are a devoted breed to their families, where protection is always number one on their list.

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