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  • affectionate
  • alert
  • not an outdoor breed

Chinese CrestedThe Chinese Crested is a fine-boned, elegant and graceful dog who makes a loving companion, playful and entertaining. Chinese Cresteds adore food and will leap about in anticipation of a tiny bite. They are friendly, affable, and entertaining. They will be devoted to their owners, and largely enjoy the company of humans. There are two types, the Hairless with hair plumes only on the head, tail and feet, and the Powderpuff who is completely covered with hair. A friendly family dog, the Chinese Crested is not aggressive towards children or other animals. Chinese Cresteds are known for their ability to "hug", as they can cling with their toes toys, food, or even people. Often the breeding of only hairless dogs to hairless dogs create toenail and teeth abnormalities, and therefore are most likely more healthy if bred a hairless to a powderpuff. They do not make good kennel dogs, because they love the companionship of a home. They do best as a one dog family and sometimes do not like to be over-handled by strangers. Odorless and hairless, they are a very low maintenance breed.

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