Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Type: Guardian Dog

Height: 24 - 32 inches

Weight: 90 - 175 lbs.

Life Span: 12 - 15 years

Litter Size: 5 - 12 puppies

Country of Origin: Central Asian Republics of the Former USSR

Activity: Moderate

Watch-dog: High-nocturnal barker.

Guard-dog: Very High - suspicion towards strangers. Natural guardians.

Description: The Central Asian Shepherd Dog (Ovtcharka) is a large strong musculature dog by appearance. Ears and tails are cropped at an early age to help with the dogs ability to fight off predators, which they have done for centuries. Central Asian Shepherd Dogs (Ovtcharka) are a loyal, fearless dog with the ability to protect flock and family.

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Other Names: Turkmen Alabai, Mid Asian Shepherd Dog (Ovtcharka), Central Asian Shepherd Dog, Asiatic Mastiff.

Colors: White, Black, Black& White, Brindle, Red, Gray, Straw, Tri-colored, Black and Tan

Coat: Two coat lengths; short and medium length, well developed undercoats.

Temperament: Central Asian Shepherd Dogs (Ovtcharka) are calm, protective, dog dominant, active defense drive.

With Children: Protective around families children, children who are strangers should be supervised.

Special Skills: Predator control dog.

Care and Training: Low maintenance for coat is required for the Central Asian Shepherd Dog (Ovtcharka). Early socialization and basis obedience is a must.

Learning Rate: Moderate independent.

Living Environment: A fenced yard is a must. Only strong-willed alpha owners should own this breed. They prefer to live outdoors but adapt well to indoor living.

Health Issues: Hip and elbow dysplasia.

History: This 4,000 year old Mastiff has survived threw the Centuries with skills of a Hunter, unsurpassed protector and friend to the people of Central Asia. Evidence has dated this breed to before Christ when dogs were created to fend off predators from the Shepherds Sheep. Modern writings of this dog dates back to over 100 years ago in a Book History of the Mastiff by Wynn.

Class: Working

Registries: FCI 1925, UKC - 2000 as the Central Asian Shepherd Dog