Type: Mastiff/Guardian Dog

Height: 22-30in

Weight: 87-176lbs.

Life Span: 6-11 years

Litter Size:

Country of Origin: Denmark


Watch-dog: High

Guard-dog: High

Description: The Broholmer is a Mastiff-type of dog of large size, rectangular and strongly built, with composed and powerful movement. Its appearance is dominated by the powerful forequarters. The head is massive and wide, the neck is sturdy with some loose skin, the chest is broad and deep. At rest the head is carried rather low and stooping, and the tail is hanging down sabrelike. When moving, the tail is carried higher, but not over the topline. When the dog is attentive or aroused, the head is carried higher and the tail is raised above horizontal.

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Other Names: Danish Broholmer

Colors: fawn (from yellow to light brown) dark muzzle or mask may be present, or black with white markings

Coat: Short and coarse

Temperament: Calm good temperament, friendly, watchful nature. Shows great self-confidence.

Care and Training: Seasonal care, Heavy Shedder

Special Needs: Daily walks 2 times about 15 minutes daily

History: Known since the Middle Ages, when it was used for hunting (stag-hunting). Later on it was used mainly as a guard dog for large farms and manors. At the end of the 18th century these dogs were breeding pure and increased in number thanks to the royal game keeper Sehested of Broholm, from where the breed has inherited its name. After the Second World War the breed almost became extinct, but around 1975 a group of committed people organized a group called "The Society for Reconstruction of the Broholmer Breed". They were supported by the Danish Kennel Club and began the work of reviving the breed.

Registries: FCI