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  • nervous around children
  • loves outdoors
  • high prey drive

The Borzois are gentle, well-mannered dogs who have grace and beauty, yet enjoy having fun and racing games. Known as the Russian Wolfhound, they are a tall, elegant dog whose body is designed for speed. Borzois are lean and quick, originally bred to dually attack wolves. They have long hair that can be wavy, curly, or straight, and have small heads in comparison to their deep chests and long bodies. Their tails are long and feathery, often reaching the ground, and usually tucked slightly between their legs. Borzois are affectionate with their owners and tolerant of other dogs. They are not very tolerant of children, but will get along as long as the child is well behaved. Borzois, or Russian Wolfhounds, were bred to chase animals and often do so. They are said to be similar to cats in their pounce, cleanliness and elegance. Borzois could walk though a glass shop and hardly have a mishap. They are agile, smart and sensitive. Wary of strangers, Borzois must be socialized from an early age to avoid unwanted aggression. Puppies grow rapidly and should not be overworked until fully mature which is at one year of age. Borzois do not respond well to harsh training, but are more obedient to reward training. Borzois can jump a medium to high fences, as they are up to 32" tall. These dogs are well known among the old Russian aristocracy as well as modern day American celebrities. This elegant looking breed is often spotted alongside movie stars and models. The best owner for this breed would be a dog-experienced, active individual or family with a very high fence in a rural or suburban area.

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