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  • very active
  • protective of family
  • known to herd children

The Border Collie is a highly intelligent, hard-working dog that responds quickly and eagerly to training. They are the world's premiere sheepdog unsurpassed in terms of patience, agility and stamina. Border Collies thrive on games and are willing to please. The Border Collie is even tempered, but they need constant physical and mental activity for a well balanced dog. They are medium-sized dogs that come in many different colors including black, brown, red, and blue with tan spots and white in many places. They are well set, lightly muscled all over and squarely built. Their ears are slightly erect and their eyes can be brown, blue, or blue in merles. The Border Collie excels in obedience competitions they are very agile, and have a well proportioned body of lean muscle. Their tails are naturally long and set low. Borders can spend hours stalking sheep, cattle, goats, ducks, chickens, large ants or anything that congregates into a herd or flock. If they have insufficient activity they will find work to do, which could be herding your children. This is the ideal dog for anyone who has their heart set on winning obedience, agility, or sheepherding competitions.

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