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  • easygoing
  • excellent problem solvers
  • very active

The Bluetick Coonhound makes for a friendly, active, treeing dog. These Coonhounds have been used for years to trail an animal, such as a raccoon, follow the trail and find the animal, finally "treeing" its quarry. The animal would hide up in the tree until the hunter got there to shoot it. Bluetick Coonhounds are good at what they do, and remain with a strong instinct to trail and "tree". They come from the Blue Gascons, foxhounds, and French Staghounds, giving them similar attributes. They are medium sized dogs that are actually white underneath a forest of blue ticks. Their paws, muzzle and spots on the eyebrows are usually a tan color. They have a strong nose and good eyesight at night. They have drop ears much like a Bloodhound, as well as the muscled limbs and body. They are friendly animals, good with children and other pets, as long as it is not a raccoon. They may have an instinct to chase small animals if they catch their scent. Bluetick Coonhounds are agile, loving and easygoing. They get along with most everyone, and are quick to warm up to strangers. They are intense workers in the field and enjoy doing a job, especially if its tracking. They can be stubborn, though, and should be trained from an early age to respond to their owners. They can be difficult to train. They are calm at home and excited to be on a trail. An owner with an active family who live in a suburban or rural area with a fenced yard would be best for this breed.

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