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  • gentle-mannered
  • exceptionally good with children
  • high problem solving

Bichon FriseThe Bichon Frise is a small, sturdy, white powder puff of a dog whose merry temperament is evident by their plumed tail carried jauntily over their back. The Bichon's coat puffs out all over, rather than hanging down. They are small, sturdy dogs that are slightly larger than a Maltese. The ears are set high on the head and drop down, if ever you could see them in the poil frise (curly coat). Bichon Frise (Bichons) love to be the center of attention and are always eager to please. This Tenerife Dog is a bouncy, friendly dog that will exercise with their owner to the end. Bichons are perky, playful and friendly to all. They are affectionate, responsive, and are apt to cuddling. They make a delightful and amusing companion. Used in the show ring often, their coats require much grooming and intricate care to maintain the accepted puffy appearance. Bichon a Poil Frises can often be seen in doggy beauty parlors. Although they are small and appear high maintenence, Norwegian farmers have recently discovered that this breed can be trained to round up sheep! The Bichon is also free of skin problems, as many small white-haired dogs are not. Gentle-mannered, sensitive, and very playful the Bichon Frise is good with children and other pets.

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