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A rare breed, the Berger Picard (pronounced Bear-zhay Pee-carr) was the star dog of the film, Because of Winn-Dixie. Berger Picards, or the Picardy Shepherd, first made itself known in France as a guarder of flocks. Often thought to be a mutt, Berger Picards are quite the opposite as they are thought to be the oldest known French breed. Berger de Picards are known in France to be the best worker with sheep and cattle alike. Picardy Shepherds are closely related to that of the Briards and Beaucerons, also from France. Few specimens of this breed are found in the United States, but receive high praise from their original country. They are rowdy when they play, are hard workers, and require a lot of human companionship as well as exercise. Berger Picards have naturally upright ears, are all shades of gray and fawn, and have a scruffy looking appearance. Their rustic look is often mistaken for being a mixed breed. They are medium sized dogs who enjoy children, are intelligent and independent in mind. They are a strong, hard working dog that tends to be vocal. The best owner for the Berger de Picard would be an active, dog-experienced owner in a rural home.

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