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  • very obedient
  • high guard dog
  • very high problem solving

Belgian MalinoisThe Belgian Malinois a very intelligent, lively breed who excels in an active family environment. They are identical to the Belgian Sheepdog (Groenendael), Belgian Tervuren, as well as the Laekenois, except their coat is short and mahogany in coloring. All four dogs are spawned from the same breed, and closely resemble each other save for their coats. Belgian Malinois are also the only Belgian shepherd to have smooth coats, not wiry or fluffy. Closely resembling the German Shepherd, these dogs are the second least popular breed among the Belgian shepherds which makes them somewhat rare. Belgian Malinois are a medium-large sized dog, who can come in all shades of red, fawn, and gray, and always with the black face. The Malinois was the first of the Belgian shepherds to establish its type, therefore making this breed the gauge by which other Belgians are judged. Belgian Malinois are graceful, swift, and agile on their feet. Malinois do not tend to be friendly to anyone that walks by, as they have been used over the centuries as guard dogs and herders and tend to remain very reserved. The Belgian Malinois is a no-nonsense dog who must be taken seriously by their owner. It is recommended an owner be an experience dog person

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