Type: Cross Breed

Height: 15 in.

Weight: 22lb.

Life Span: 14 years

Litter Size:

Country of Origin: Australia

Activity: High



Description: A Beaglier is a hybrid that is a cross-breed of a Beagle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and may demonstrate any combination of traits from those two breeds. Hybrids have become very popular in the past few years. They play a big role in the current designer dog trend. The experimentation of these hybrid or designer dogs has not been recognized by the American Kennel Club or Canadian Kennel Club. The key to cross breeding to purebred dogs is what is called hybrid vigor, the breeding resulting in a healthier dog with superior genetic constitution can come from dogs purebred for so long that they have common genetic disorders.

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Colors: Black, White or tricolor

Coat: Smooth coat, which has long outer or guard hairs then a typical Beagle.

Temperament: Clam and good natured

With Children: Generally good with other pets.

With Pets: Good with children but, as with all dogs, supervision and training are recommended

Care and Training: Moderately easy to train.

Health Issues: Lethal heart conditions, soft palate problems, protruding eyes, skin problems, patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, mitral valve disease and epilepsy

History: The Beaglier became particularly popular through crossbreeding programs in Australia during the 1990's. Developed because of affection for the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Beagle breeds, the breeders were looking for a healthy, energetic small dog with less active scent drive than that of the Beagle.