Bavarian Mountain Hound

Type: Hunting Dog

Height: 21 in.

Weight: 53 - 80 lbs.

Life Span:

Litter Size:

Country of Origin: Germany

Activity: High



Description: The Bavarian Mountain Hound is the least common in hounds. Originating from Germany in the nineteenth century, is primarily used as a hunting dog and is rarely seen in any numbers at all-breed dog shows. With its rectangular muscular body the Bavarian Mountain Hound will never give the impression of being leggy. The skull and muzzle are broad, there is a black or dark red nose, brown eyes, and medium-length drop ears. The tail is medium length and set high. The coat should be thick but smooth and glossy.

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Other Names: Bayrischer Gebirgsschweisshung, Bavarian Mountain Scenthound

Colors: Red, tan, fawn, reddish gray, grizzled or brindled.

Coat: Thick, short, longer on belly and legs.

Temperament: Easy going, affection, calm but not shy.

Special Needs: Exercise

Living Environment: Active family in a suburban or rural environment.

Health Issues: None Known

History: The Bavarian Mountain Hound was developed in the late nineteenth century in the Bavarian mountain regions. Descending from bloodhound like dogs and scenthounds. It was Prohibited to use large dogs to hunt in Germany, so the the need for good tracking dogs became important. The German word "Schwiss" in it's name means blood describing a dog that follows the sent of blood. This is different from the Bloodhound that takes its name from "bring true and noble blood" or "thoroughbred". The Bavarian Mountain Dog always hunts with a tracking line.

Class: Hound

Registries: FCI (Group 6)