Basset Bleu de Gascogne

Type: Scent Hound

Height: 13

Weight: 35-40 Pounds

Life Span:

Litter Size:

Country of Origin: France

Activity: Moderate



Description: A rare breed from France that is rarely seen outside the country. Almost extinct in the 1890's, but was saved by a French breeder. The Basset Bleu de Gascogne was mainly used for hunting small game. The Basset Bleu de Gascogne has a long narrow head and low set ears that are folded reminiscent of other hounds. Medium in size, they have a deep chest, strong legs and a long tail.

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Other Names: Blue Gascony Basset

Colors: White with black ticking, mottled blue with black patches and tan markings.

Coat: Smooth

Temperament: Easy going who will get along with everyone.

With Pets: Yes

Special Skills: With an excellent sense of smell, the Basset Bleu de Gascogne can hunt in almost any conditions. The Basset Bleu de Gascogne is also a very obedient dog.

Special Needs: Fenced yard and leashed.

Living Environment: Rural or suburban home.

History: Developed from scent hounds of Grand Bleu de Gascogne and Basset Saintongeois, the Basset Bleu de Gascogne came into existence around the nineteenth century.

Registries: FCI (Group 6), UK Hound Group