Type: Gun Dog

Height: 21.5 inches -23.5 inches

Weight: 35-60 lbs.

Life Span: 13-15 years

Litter Size: 6-9

Country of Origin: France

Activity: Medium to High



Description: The Barbet is a medium size, sturdy, intelligent dog originating from France. The Barbet is very friendly, sociable and loves to swim. The Barbets webbed feet and wooly coat is made to withstand the cold chilly water for hours. The breed was developed centuries ago to point, flush and retrieve fowl from water and fallen arrows. The Barbet is used as a gundog and a companion. The coat is curled and wooly making it waterproof, but requires lots of maintenance to keep as a house dog. The coat forms a beard like chin called Barbe (French word meaning Beard) which gave the breed its name Barbet. The Barbet is a cheerful obedient and makes a great family pet.

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Other Names: Barbe, Barbette, Griffon d’arret a Poil Laineux, French Water Dog and French Gun Dog

Colors: Black, White, Gray, Chestnut, Fawn

Coat: Thick, long curly or wavy.

Temperament: The Barbet loves the water, is obedient, friendly, intelligent and joyful. The Barbet is good around children and other pets and is eager to learn and please.

With Children: Yes

With Pets: Yes

Special Skills: Swimming, Retrieving

Care and Training: he Barbets Coat does not shed and requires weekly brushing and clean from debris and mud to prevent matting. Remove excess hair from pads. The coat also needs to be trimmed down twice a year especially before hot summer months. Easy to train

Living Environment: Large Fenced Yard but can also do well in smaller environments.

Health Issues: Hip Dysplasia, Cataracts, and sometimes Skin Allergies. Check health clearances with breeder.

History: An Ancient European water dog which has played an important part in developing several other waterdog breeds. This Breed was used to retriever fowl from the water and to fallen arrows. The Barbet is used as a gundog and a companion.

First Registered by the AKC: Foundation Stock Service since 2007

Registries: CKC, UKC, AKC-FSS, ARBA, FCI