Austrian Grand Brackes

Type: Hunting

Height: 18-23 inches

Weight: 33-49 pounds

Life Span:

Litter Size:

Country of Origin: Austria




Description: The Austrian Brackes are known for their hunting skills, especially for hare and fox.  They are also often used as tracking hounds for wounded or dead game.  They originate from hounds that were similar to German hounds.  They are sturdy dogs with high-set, smooth ears.  They are lighter bones than Bavarian breeds.  The head is elegant, straight and wide, carried high and has prominent eyebrows.  This breed is used for working in high altitudes because of it's hardiness.  They are good for silent trailing.

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Other Names: Austrian Brandlebracke, Osterreichischer Glatthaariger Bracke, Austrian Smoothhaired Hound

Colors: Black and tan, some read; limited marks on neck, chest and feet

Coat: Short, hard and shiny, thick

Temperament: Focused, reliable, trainable hunters; can stalk silently

Special Skills: Cold scent trailing is this breeds specialty

Care and Training: High - Easily trainable for hunting small game and fox

Learning Rate: High - for hunting techniques

Living Environment: Best suited for outdoors

History: The breed was developed in the 1870's and given official recognition in 1889. It is known by different names, as listed above and was also called the Peintinger Bracke after it's creator.