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  • feisty and dutiful
  • well-mannered
  • high problem solvers

The Australian Terrier is affectionately known at the "Aussie". They are one of the few non-English terriers. Created by Australian setters they are the smallest of the working terriers. They often have been referred to as just a bigger Yorkie. Some in fact believe the breed originated from a cross between a Yorkie and a Cairn. They are still rather small dogs, and have the sprite terrier attitude. They come in colors of blue steel, gray-blue, and tan. They have perky prick ears, big friendly eyes and a black nose. Australian Terriers have boundless, playful energy and are a very loyal and affectionate companion for their immediate family. They will adapt well to all living conditions and climates. They are self-confident, alert and feisty. Wary with strangers, the Australian Terrier makes an excellent watchdog because of their warning bark. They get along well with other members of the family such as children and other pets. Because of their quiet and affectionate nature they make a great companion for children, the elderly or the handicapped.

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