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  • affectionate
  • loves walks
  • bouncy

The American Eskimo is in the Spitz family (Nordic Breed), descending from European breeds like the German Spitz, the White Keeshond, the White Pomeranian, and the Volpino Italiano. They are bred as companions. Their face, coat and lush tail are Spitz-type and they have a pointed muzzle and erect ears. Nicknamed the "Eskie" they have been bred to be a house dog, companion and watch dog. American Eskimos are wonderful with their human family including children, as long as they are near their family they will be content. They enjoy cold weather better than warm. Known to clean their faces like cats they are easier to maintain than you may think, as their coat easily repels dirt and they have no doggie odor when clean. They have been used as a watchdog, as well as a circus performer. American Eskies come in three sizes: toy miniature, and standard.

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