Alpine Dachsbracke


Height: 14 - 15 in.

Weight: 33-40 pounds

Life Span:

Litter Size:

Country of Origin:


Watch-dog: Low, except when watching and hunting for game

Guard-dog: Low

Description: Coming from the alp lands of Austria, the Alpine Dachsbracke is used for deer hunting, tracking fox and hare and for retrieving wounded prey. Developed from old hardy breeds to work rough terrain, the Alpine Dachsbracke was first recognized as a breed in the 1880's. Their body is rectangular shaped, with strong, but short legs.  This breed is able to work in high-altitude, cold conditions.  It is a slow-moving, cold-trail scent finder. It is known for endurance, stamina, energy and is very dedicated in following the trail.  It is usually not kept as a household companion, but rather as a hunter and gamekeeper dog.

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Other Names: Alpenlandische Dachstracke

Colors: Deep red with black tips, black and tan; any white is undesirable

Coat: Close fitting, coarse, 1

Temperament: Solid, robust hunting temperament - focused and dedicated. q

With Children: Low

Special Skills: Excellent hunter; able to follow cold scent trails of deer or other animals.

Care and Training: High - Easily trainable to hunt game and smaller animals

Learning Rate: High for hunting

History: Developed as a short-legged hound for tracking and hunting capabilities in the high altitude of the Alps of Austria. The Austrian version of this breed is a little bigger than the German relative, the Westphalian. The breed has a normal hound body, but with short legs, not curved. He was developed from indigenous Austria hounds.