Type: Flock Guard Dog

Height: 20-24 inches

Weight: 50-55 lbs.

Life Span: 10-11 years

Litter Size:

Country of Origin: Morocco and Eastern European countries

Activity: Sensitive, lively, muscular breed that is unlikely to be a house dog. Can be high-strung.

Watch-dog: High - Excellent watchdog; acts as a guardian

Guard-dog: High; traditionally employed by nomads to protect herds of goats and sheep in the mountains of Morocco. Used today to guard livestock and as a companion.

Description: The Aidi or Chien de l'Atlas is a very rare Moroccan dog breed who is said to be closely related to European mountain dogs. Used as a flock guard, protecting herds of sheep and goats, they maintain a reputation as a serious guard dog, but are mainly used as a working dog. Native Morocco it is often paired in hunting with the Sloughi, which chases down prey that the Aidi has located by scent. Also known as the Atlas Dog, or Chien de l'Atlas. They have exceptional tracking abilities.

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Other Names: Atlas Mountain Dogs, Kabyle Dog, Chein de l'Atlas

Colors: Generally white or cream; sometimes wolf gray with gray flecks. Can also appear in black, tawny,

Coat: Moderately long coat; neck and tail is longer, thicker and coarser in texture.

Temperament: Attentive and aggressive.

With Children: Low - not fully acclimated to being a household companion.

Living Environment: Can handle rugged, outdoor temperatures of various ranges - from freezing night temperatures to searing heat. It's instinct is to be a working guard dog - needs outdoor activity.

History: A livestock guard dog of moderate size that was a typical mountain dog. It is possibly related to mountain dogs that came from the Eastern European countries centuries ago. It's instinct is to hunt, guard and protect herds of sheep and goats. It's course, thick coat helps this breed survive freezing temperatures.