Disposable Male Dog Diaper Wraps For Sale


Address: Linda Jangula

State: Texas

Zip: 75166

Phone: 888-945-4925

Email: info@wikiwags.com

URL: https://www.wikiwags.com

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Wiki Wags brand Disposable Male Dog Diaper Wraps were first developed in 2010 to benefit pet owners having  male markers in the home who loved to mark in unwanted places particularly on floors, furniture, drapes and walls. We have managed to save lives with our Wiki Wags brand Disposable Male wraps, marriages and puppy dogs from being kicked out from the only home he has ever known which can be most tragic. Our Wiki Wags brand wraps come in a delightfull four sizes with dual tabs for easy adjustment and comfortable fit.They come in 12ct packages or 12/12ct packages per case. Check our web site out at www.wikiwags.com and any questions, please contact us at: Email: info@wikiwags com or Ph: 888-945-4925