Before You Buy a Puppy: 8 Questions to Ask

Age: 8 Months
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If you are planning to buy a puppy, you need to take some time and consider your options, get some puppy buying tips and decide on the best puppy for you.

1. How Much Spare Time Do I Have for the Puppy?

The amount of spare time you have for a pet is essential when deciding on a puppy breed. Some breeds can do well if left by themselves, while others will develop unwanted behavior such as chewing and barking. A dog needs to be taken out for walks and you need to play with him, otherwise he will get obese and frustrated. Opt for a low energy dog if you are a busy person.

2. How Big Is My Space?

Typically, large dog breeds need a lot of space and a yard to be able to spend their energy. Smaller dog breeds may be more suitable for apartment life. Low and medium energy dogs can be suitable for smaller spaces, while high energy dogs will be unhappy in an apartment.

3. Is the Puppy Suitable for My Family?

You need to ask yourself whether the puppy will be suitable for your family, especially if you have children. There are certain breeds that are more suitable for families with children.

Every dog has his own personality; however, you need to consider if the puppy breed’s typical behavior will be suitable for your household. If you are an active family, you need an active dog. If you are sedentary, you should opt for a low energy dog.

4. How Much Will the Puppy Cost?

Puppies have different prices according to their breed. If you decide to adopt one, you can get a puppy for free or a low price. However, the initial cost is the least of your worries. You need to bear in mind that a puppy will need:

  • food; typically, smaller dogs require less food
  • visits to the vet
  • periodical vaccinations
  • dog supplies such as the crate, leash, collar or toys
  • behavioral training classes

You may even opt for dog sitters or professional grooming, which may be pricey. Think about your budget and how much you can afford to spend on your dog on a monthly basis.

5. How Much Grooming Does the Puppy Need?

Dogs need grooming on a regular basis, regardless of their coat length. Long, curly and wiry haired dogs need more grooming.

6. Why Are You Buying the Dog?

Do you need a companion, a play mate or a guard dog? Establishing the purpose of the dog should give you a clear answer about the type of breed you are looking for.

7. Do You Have Experience with Dogs?

As a first time owner, you cannot just buy any dog you want. Certain breeds are more suitable for first time owners, while others need an experienced owner.

8. Where to Buy a Puppy?

You may buy a puppy from a reputable breeder. You may also opt for adoption. Visit a few shelters, where you may find all sorts of dogs. Bear in mind that cross breeds are intelligent dogs and are as good as any pure breed. Ask about the dog’s history and temperament.

Picking A Puppy

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