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House Training

For puppies

Puppies don’t know where they are to go potty, so you must train them. Generally puppies will need to go when they wake up in the morning (and from naps as well), after eating and after playing vigorously. Take them outside and give them ample time to sniff around and do their duty. Don’t rush them – they may go back inside and go where you don’t want her to go! They will begin to respond to your schedule if you are consistent. Praise them when they go potty and give them a small treat for their action.

Suggested products for Potty-Training:

  • Housebreaking Aid
  • Jump Start Training Pads

Older Dogs

If you are bringing an older dog into your family you may find that the dog hasn’t been properly house-trained or that accidents are occurring. You don’ t have to do paper training on the dog, like with a puppy, but your techniques need to be similar to training a puppy to be effective. An older dog has the ability to hold their bladder for longer periods of time, so it’s a little easier in that regard. However, you will have to monitor the dog for a time, taking him outside in the morning, evening and after eating meals. You’ll need to wait for him to do his business and also watch while he is indoors to keep him from unacceptable behavior in the house.

Sometimes a dog can smell urine in a new home from a previous dog that you cannot see or smell. Urine can get down into the pad of a carpet and be undetected by your nose. There are inexpensive UV lights that can be purchased, such as Spot Spotter U.V. Urine Detector that will show bright yellow spots where urine is present in a dark room. This will help you detect and deep clean those spots so they are not a tempting place for your dog to relieve himself.

Sometimes when a dog is moved into a new house, he is confused and can have accidents. Don’t scold him after the fact, but if you catch him in the act, you can say, "No!" and move him outside so that he makes the proper connection.

Occasionally a dog will simply have an accident. He may have been distracted when taken outside or even too excited to concentrate on his purpose, and then suddenly needs to do his business while back in the house. Clean it up quickly and try to monitor his potty times better the next time. Usually it will be an isolated incident. If not, revert to the techniques you used with him as a puppy – taking him outside frequently and even keeping him in a crate or a pen inside the house to control accidents.

Visiting dogs may trigger an excitement in your pet that causes an accident. The dog may then return to that spot if it is not thoroughly cleaned up and the odor is gone. Let visiting dogs play outside, if possible.

Older dogs may have more accidents simply due to old age and less bladder control. If you have a constant problem with this, check with your vet for ideas on how to fix this problem. There may be a medical problem that can be fixed. Even a change if diet can create a bladder problem. There are also Disposable Diapers and Puppy Training Pads: Stay at Home Pads for Adults available if you are concerned with frequent accidents.

One other option is to place the dog’s feeding dish in the area he has chosen to urinate. Dogs don’t like to do their business in a place where they eat or sleep. If the problem continues to persist, you may want to obtain professional training.

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