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Did You Know...
59% of those surveyed say pets are good for their health and the health of their family and help them relax. 40% say that owning a dog motivates them to exercise on a regular basis. Three-quarters of dog owners consider their dog like a child or family member and more than half of cat owners say the same (NPOS). From APPMA

The Best Dogs to Fit Your Lifestyle:

If you live in a tiny studio apartment in Queens, NY, adopting an Afghan Hound or a Bullmastiff is probably a bad idea. But if you’re a professional single with ample space and plenty of assets to protect, adopting a Rottweiler or a South African Boerboel will do a lot more to protect you and your home than barbed wire and an electronic ADT System. While it may be a bit more challenging to choose a pet for individuals that live in condensed cities and compact spaces, suburban residents, and people that have chosen the country or rural life will have so many options, they may not know what to choose!

The good news for city, suburban, and country dwellers alike is space and security alone won’t determine which is the best breed for you. There are many other factors to consider such as:

  • Your schedule
  • Your income
  • Whether you are married or single
  • If you have kids in the home
  • If you are retired
  • Your activity level
  • Your health (allergies)
  • If you own other pets
  • Whether you are a jetsetter or a “staycation” type

Wait, there’s more. You should also consider the following characteristics pertaining to the dog:

  • Coat Type (long, short, medium)
  • Ease of training
  • Energy levels
  • Exercise requirements
  • Whether the dog is an excessive barker, average or doesn’t bark much at all
  • Potential health problems (certain health problems are specific to the breed)
  • Size of the dog
  • Temperament (aggressive, timid, protective, calm)
  • The role of the dog in your home

There are more than 800 breeds recognized by various kennel clubs around the world, so no matter how unique your lifestyle maybe, there is a dog out there that’s perfectly suited to your special situation. For example, if you’re desperately seeking a furry companion, but you don’t want to give up your lazy lifestyle, a Bulldog or a Pug would be the best options for you. Bulldogs prefer to pass out on the couch and log some serious slobbering hours rather than go running and playing at the local park. And although the condition is easy to maintain, Pugs have upper respiratory problems, so they prefer to go outside quickly, poop, and go right back inside to sleep or lounge or stare at the TV. Sound like someone you know?

Another trick for those with sedentary lifestyles is to adopt an older dog or adopt two low energy dogs. This way they will keep one another entertained, which means less work for you.

At the other end of the spectrum, if you are very active and like to hike, jog, run, and spend hours on end enjoying the great outdoors, you might consider adopting a high energy pooch such as a Jack Russell Terrier, Border Collie, German Shepherd or a Siberian Husky.

Continue reading to find out which breeds are best for families, to browse through a list of some of the best hunting dogs, and to check out just a few more popular high energy and low energy breeds.

Best Family Dogs

American Cocker Spaniel
Beaded Collie
Cockapoo (designer dog)
German Shepherd
Golden Retriever
Labrador Retriever

Best Hunting/Sport Dogs

Chesapeake Bay Retriever
English Cocker Spaniel
English Setter
German Shorthaired Pointer
Golden Retriever
Lakeland Terrier

High Energy Breeds/Dogs

Corgis (Cardigan Welsh Corgi)
Jack Russell Terrier

Low Energy Breeds/Dogs

Shih Tzu

Tip: Most toy dogs are perfect for couch potatoes. They get much of their exercise indoors playing with toys or anything they can get their pretty little paws on!

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