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How to Stop Dog Whining

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How to Stop Dog Whining

Dog whining is a common dog behavior and you need to understand why your dog is whining to be able to effectively stop it. Whining can be stopped by training and the sooner you start the training the more effective it will be.

Causes of Whining

Dogs whine for a number of reasons including fear, pain or canine anxiety. Whining is a natural response of dogs when they are in distress or if they feel abandoned by their pack or owner. By whining, dogs signal that they are left behind and need to be rescued.

Sometimes dogs are simply whining for attention or because they are bored.

Dogs that typically don’t whine and start whining all of a sudden may signal a disease or an injury. Examine your dog’s body and look for peculiar symptoms. These may point to certain illnesses. It is a god idea to visit the vet.

Abandonment Whining

When the major cause for whining is abandonment, you need to train your dog to get used to being left alone. Typically, a dog that fears abandonment has had an experience of being abandoned by a previous owner and he gets alarmed whenever you head to the door without taking him along. However, even dogs with no previous experience of abandonment may whine.

You can train your dog not to whine. Start by going out for short periods of time, less than 30 minutes and then come back and play with your dog or offer a treat. The dog will associate your absence with a pleasant experience that follows it immediately and this will decrease his anxiety.

Constantly increase the time you are spending out as your dog gets used to you being gone.

Make sure that half an hour before you leave, you hide your dog’s favorite toy and reveal it just before you leave. The dog will be happy to see the toy and will be less disappointed seeing you go.

Don’t make preparations when you go out or don’t allow the dog to see that you prepare; if the dog sees that you are making a big deal of going out, he will be more stressed.

Whining for Attention

Whining for attention is an old trick dogs use. Offer your dog a few minutes when he asks for attention, but make sure he still knows you are the master; otherwise he may easily turn whining into emotional blackmail. When your dog whines for attention, initiate a game and make sure you win the last round and decide when the game is over. In this manner, you will impose your authority.

If the dog still whines after you finish playing and leave the room, don’t turn back to the dog’s room immediately. The dog must learn that you will turn back whenever you want to.

Pain Induced Whining

Dogs may whine because they experience pain. This may be a temporary (when someone steps on your dog’s paw) or continual. When you hear your dog whining, make sure to eliminate any factors causing pain and if you notice that your dog is whining continuously, plan a visit to the vet.

No Punishment

It is important not to use any type of punishment if your dog whines. Punishment cannot solve your dog’s problem; only training and positive reinforcement can.

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