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Using an Anti-Bark Spray Dog Collar

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Using an Anti-Bark Spray Dog Collar

A spray dog collar is one of the options available to help correct your dog’s excessive barking. The citrus spray is a mild annoyance to your dog and when used correctly, can help teach your dog that excessive barking is unacceptable.

How the Spray Bark Collar Works

Spray bark collars work on the premise that they engage multiple senses to help control your dog’s excessive barking. Spray bark collars utilize vibration detectors and/or audio detectors to tell when your dog is barking. When the sensors are triggered, the collar hisses and then dispenses a burst of citrus scented spray. The audible sound of the hiss, the visible spray and scent of citrus attack the senses of sound, sight and smell, creating a multi-sensory annoyance. The annoyance is enough to make your dog stop what he’s doing in order to determine what’s happening and avoid the scent of citrus.

Using the Spray Bark Collar

The spray bark collar should be used when you are not in the immediate vicinity to correct your dog’s excessive barking. When you are around to correct the dog, remove the spray collar so he does not become desensitized to the spray, sound and sight of the deterrent. When placing the collar on your dog, make sure the spray dispenser points toward your dog’s nose, not into his neck. It is the combined annoyance of sight, smell and sound that creates the deterrent. Once the spray unit is properly adjusted, your dog will soon learn that his barking triggers the unit to produce the smell and sound he dislikes.

Age and Weight Restrictions

While the spray bark collars are considered to be the most safe and effective way to help train your dog to stop barking, it does carry some restrictions for use. To ensure the citrus spray doesn’t impact him negatively, your dog must weigh at least 6 pounds and be at least 6 months old in order to use the spray bark collar safely.

Tips for Using a Spray Bark Collar

  • Before you ever leave your dog alone with the bark collar on you should be sure to familiarize him with the collar and make sure the collar is fitted and functioning properly. For the first few uses of the collar, put the collar on your dog, but remain around your house so you can adjust the collar if necessary.
  • Remove all other collars when using the spray bark collar.
  • Be sure to fill the citrus reservoir each time the collar is used. It can’t be effective if it runs out of the citrus spray.
  • If you use the collar infrequently, be sure to remove the battery when not in use to avoid corrosion.

While you love your dog, a dog that barks excessively quickly becomes an annoyance to both you and your neighbors. Behavior correction is a far better solution than tuning him out. While interaction with your dog and correcting his barking behavior should be your primary method, using a spray bark collar in your absence can help return him to an accepted member of your community.

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