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4 Simple Puppy Training Tips

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4 Simple Puppy Training Tips

Some of the most important puppy training tips center on chewing and urination. Along with those popular categories, take a look at how you react to your pup’s unpredictable behavior, too.

1. Contain Chewing

When puppies are teething, they turn to shoes, furniture and even humans for relief. Puppies are highly curious creatures, and possess a nonstop need to explore. Sometimes this curiosity and adventurism leads to chewing on inappropriate and dangerous items.

The first course of action is to stock up on toys that your puppy is allowed to chew. Select chew toys and bones to keep your puppy occupied, like:

  • Nylabones
  • Chill toys
  • Dog ropes
  • Plush toys
  • Squeak toys
  • Rawhides for puppies

Then, keep your puppy well supervised. When you see him chewing on something inappropriate, offer him a suitable treat so he will develop healthy chew habits.

2. Puppy-Proof the Home

Take away tempting items your puppy will likely chew. This includes anything from shoes to end tables. Don’t let electrical chords dangle where your pup can reach them. In addition, keep plants high enough out of reach, as some are poisonous.

3. Paper Train Your Puppy

Housetraining a puppy is all about teaching control. Paper training is a simple way of getting your dog to go in one place. For some pups, it’s a less emotional form of housebreaking than crate training. The goal is for a pup to be able to hold his movements for approximately six hours at a time. Most dogs are able to achieve this anywhere from 6 to 8 months old.

Follow these paper-training tips:

  • Choose a room of the house specifically for potty training purposes. Rely on this area until your dog is able to control his urine when on a walk or in the yard.
  • Cover the floor of the room entirely with newspaper. After only going on the newspaper, a puppy becomes familiar with this routine.
  • Slowly cover less and less of the floor with newspaper. Observe if your puppy sticks to urinating only on the papered section. If not, he needs more paper training.
  • Wait a few days, and try taking away more of the paper again. Do this until the puppy is able to hold his urine, or bowel movements, on his own.

4. React Correctly to Submissive Urination

It’s no secret puppies are excitable and energetic. Before a pup has reached maturity, his emotions go hand in hand with the process of urination. In young pups, this is largely uncontrollable behavior.

Tips for dealing with puppies’ excitement levels and urination:

  • Control how you react to your dog’s behavior. If your pup urinates inappropriately, ignore this behavior and wipe up the mess.
  • Don’t scold, strike or tap a pup for submissive urination.
  • Realize that a healthy puppy may show this behavior anywhere from 4 to 7 months old.
  • Don’t shout for your pup when you enter a room or come home.
  • Soften your greetings with praise and gentle petting.
  • When a puppy is older, feel free to cheer him on all you want.

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