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Dog Potty Training Myths

Myths of all sorts about dog potty training have gained popularity over the years. If you want to be effective when house training your dog you should avoid wasting your time by employing the counter-productive methods these myths promote.

Yelling at your dog does not make the dog believe you have a “commanding presence”, and must be obeyed. Yelling just sounds like frenzied, barking to a dog. There is nothing “commanding” about frenzy. Yelling at your dog is only likely to make her feel that something is wrong, and make her fearful- not obedient.

You do not need to show your “dominance” by using force with your dog. Make your dog want to please you because it craves your affection. Be consistent. Don’t confuse your dog or make the dog frightened of you. When your dog has an accident, you should only punish the dog if you catch it in the act. It is too late to scold or punish if you find the waste after the dog has finished, because the dog simply won’t remember what they did to bring on the punishment. If you do catch the dog in the act of having an accident you must not hit the dog. Just say “no!’ in a harsh tone of voice while you grip the dog firmly by its neck and put its nose near the urine or feces- not in it. This will be enough to connect the unwanted behavior with your disapproval and punishment in the dog’s mind.

You do not need a choke chain or collar when walking or training your dog. Choking obviously can cut off respiration and damage the trachea and or esophagus. You can use Positive Reinforcement to train your dog without endangering his health.

You do not need medications such as Prozac to potty train a healthy dog, and you do not need to use shock collars or other coercive devices. Dogs respond to behavioral conditioning. They will repeat behaviors that give them pleasure and get them the things they want from you. They will avoid the behaviors which get them uncomfortable and unpleasant consequences and other things they don’t want. All dogs, regardless of age or breed will respond to conditioning.

Don’t confuse your dog, r make it anxious with inconsistent punishment or demands it can’t understand. A frightened, confused or anxious dog is more likely to have accidental voiding in the house or in other unwanted places- not less likely.

The most important things to focus on in potty training or any other kind of training for your dogs are being calm, and being consistent.

Try never to let up on praising and rewarding your dog for any good behavior, and remember to consistently deny rewards every time you see unwanted behavior. Establish regular schedules for walking your dog and regular special time with your dog for visits to the doggy park and other special outings, or play. A dog that enjoys your company wants to please you, and will work hard to do it.

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