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Pet Crate Considerations for Air Travel

When traveling with your pet you need a sturdy pet crate. Sometimes a pet, in the crate, can ride in the passenger cabin under the owner's feet, but usually the pet will be placed as "cargo". In each of these situations a tagged pet crate is a must.

Dog Crate for Air Travel

If you are traveling with a dog, you will have to have a crate for your pet. The kennel should be sturdy and should comply with the airline regulations for maximum pet cage size. The maximum allowed size differs from one carrier to the other, so make sure to get informed before flying. The kennel may be made of plastic and must have ventilation on at least two sides. The pet crate should include provisions for food, water and toys. Tape the food and water recipients to the floor of the kennel so that this will not move during the flight. Tag the dog crate and include your address and phone number. Place the inscription “Live Animal” on one side of the crate.

Cat Crate for Optimum Flying

The cat crate considerations for air travel are the same as for dogs. However, compared to dogs, cats fly more often in the passenger cabin. You don’t necessarily need a plastic crate; you can have a cargo with a sturdy zipper. There should be ventilation on 2 sides. Place a tag and make sure to include some food and water.

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