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Finding the Perfect Dog Breed for Your Family

Getting the perfect dog for your household should take into considerations a few factors: available space, your personality, your schedule, your lifestyle. It is important to choose the right dog for you, because a lot of dogs end up in shelters primary because the owner made the wrong choice for a family dog.

Select the Best Dog According to Size

If you have a small home or an apartment, you might want to opt for a small dog. Generally, smaller dogs need less exercise and they will be happy in a restricted space. However, there are some breeds that are highly energetic, despite their size. The Terriers need a lot of exercise and may be more suitable in a larger home. On the other hand, larger dogs such as the Mastiff or the Great Dane might be good apartment dogs, as long as you give them their regular walk.

If you have a yard or garden, any type of dog will be suitable.

How Much Dog Time You Have

When getting a dog you might also consider how much time you will be able to spend with your pet. Some breeds are independent and don’t get bored if left alone, while others may develop unwanted behaviors if left by themselves for too long.

Some dogs need a lot of exercise and walking, while others need more grooming (i.e. long, curly and wiry coated dogs). Also consider that some breeds need more training than others; Retrievers are easily trained, while Basset Hounds can be very stubborn.

If your next dog will need more companionship and you are not able to offer it, ask yourself if you can afford day care or a dog sitter.

Compatibility with You and Other Pets

If you have other pets in the house, you have to see if the new pet will be compatible with the ones you have.

Ask yourself how dominant you are. The level of dominance of your new pet should be similar to yours, so that you are fully compatible.

Think about the purpose of the dog. The dog you get may be a companion dog, watch dog, hunting dog, herding dog or competition dog. A lazy breed may not be able to perform tricks, while an energetic dog will hardly be as calm as you would want him to be.

Best Dog Look

Last but not least, you should also consider the appearance of your dog. Ask yourself if you prefer an elegant looking dog such as the Setter, a funkier looking Bulldog or a toy, miniature dog. Your options may vary according to your personality.

Finding the perfect dog takes time; be patient and find a few breeds that you would like to own and get detailed info on each of these breeds. Determine which is more suitable for you, for your home and the environment that you offer. The perfect match will be your companion, friend and the new family member.

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