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A Guide to Popular Dog Training Methods

Dog training can be frustrating, especially after watching television shows about any dog whisperer that makes the task look so easy.

Dog training classes and professional obedience training are popular options for pet owners, but the key is in continuing the training outside of the canine classroom.

Key Things to Remember When Training

One of the most important things to remember when training a dog is to have control and confidence in your abilities. By nature, a dog wants to please his or her owner. With this in mind, a dog owner needs to be consistent, persistent, non-violent, non-intimidating and patient.

Dog Training Methods

Popular training methods are clicker training and crate training. These methods can help teach dogs commands, rectify behavior problems, and house-break a dog.

Clicker training is one that many dogs enjoy because they like the sound the hand clicker makes: the sound of a click means he or she will get a treat. The basic idea behind this training is that a dog, while training, hears the sound of a click and simply gets a treat. If the dog so happens to do the appropriate action you are going to teach without hearing the command, he or she will get a bigger treat. The dog will learn during the training session that a certain action will bring about a click and a treat. Once the dog grasps this, the verbal command is introduced right before the dog performs that action that will be rewarded with a treat. The dog will then learn the verbal command associated with the action desired by the pet owner.

Crate training is popular for house-breaking dogs of any age. It is a recommended way to confine a dog in a less stressful manner if one is out, has company over, or needs a dog to be out of the way. Dogs need to be able to examine the crate when beginning this form of training. Feel free to put toys in the crate and begin putting food in there while leaving the door open. Once the dog is more comfortable with the enclosure and goes in freely, begin closing the door for short periods of time and gradually lengthen the time the crate is closed. Look for signs the dog tried to paw his or her way out and do not forget that dogs will need to be let out for potty breaks in the morning, half an hour after each meal, after one has been out for an extended period of time, and before bed. If one works or is out of the home often, a strict routine will need to be set if using the crate training method to house-break a dog. The schedule will help train the dog to control his or her bladder and set an internal clock. When crate training, never use the crate as a form of punishment or discipline; this will defeat its purpose.

Dog training is not always easy. But when done with patience and persistence, the results are rewarding for a life-time.

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