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Dog Training Tips from the Pros

Dog training tips vary from trainer to trainer. In fact, an old joke states that the only thing two dog trainers will agree on is what the third trainer is doing wrong. However, there are some tips that most dog trainers recommend.


Dog trainers may disagree on what rules your dog should follow but all agree that you need to be consistent. If you don't want dogs on your furniture, don't ever let them on it. If you don't want your dog to jump, ignore it every time.

Everyone in the family needs to be on the same page about these rules. Dogs can't understand why one parent lets them on the furniture and the other doesn't. If the children reinforce jumping, the jumping will continue. Talk to your family about what the rules are and how you plan to enforce them.

The Need for Regular Exercise

Exercise needs vary based on the dog's breed and age, but all dogs need exercise. If you have an adolescent puppy that is misbehaving while you are gone, he just might need to release his energy. Adolescent dogs need at minimum two 40 minute sessions of full-blown running, not just a walk around the neighborhood, each day. If your dog isn't getting this, try to make extra time.

Dogs also need socialization. The more chances your dog has to practice, the better he will be in public or with guests. Take him places and practice obedience. Expose him to different people, places and things. Imagine if you never left your house. Dogs should get a chance to leave their house every day.

Nothing in Life Is Free

You should control all of your dog's resources and make him earn them. Why does he need you if his food and water are on the floor all day, and he has his own dog door? At least during training, he should be sitting and asking permission at the door, for his food and for anything rewarding such as petting or games. If your dog solicits petting, make him do a down first. If he wants to play a game, make him do a trick or a simple sit.

Your dog should also have to earn his house freedom. Dog potty training is dependent on limiting his access to making mistakes as is training your dog not to chew or dig. If your dog is destroying things or eliminating in the house when you are not supervising, he has too much freedom.

Teach Commands

Practice obedience with your dog each day. Mental stimulation is also important for your dog. There are many useful commands to teach: come, stay, sit, stand, down, go to your spot, etc. Tricks are fun to teach as well.

Working with your dog each day also helps establish a relationship with your dog built on trust and respect. If training is fun, your dog will like to listen. Make sessions short and positive. Spread them throughout the day, so it seems like training time is all the time.

The type of training you do with your dog will vary with your dog and your interests. But no matter what your ultimate goals are, these basic tips will improve every training relationship.

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