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6 Causes of Dog Barking Problems

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6 Causes of Dog Barking Problems

Dog barking problems occur frequently in households with pets. Barking is a natural response of dogs; it is a way of communication. Some people interpret barking as a sign of alert and aggression, but in fact, dog barking can have other causes also.

1. Self-Identification

A dog uses barking as a self-identification method. This is a means of communication among dogs. Barking can let the other dogs know who he is and how far he is located.

2. Alert Barking

Dogs are famous for being able to alert their owners about diverse events: the presence of a stranger or territorial intrusion. This is known as territorial or alert barking and the dog typically starts with a growl and this develops into loud barking.

3. Attention-Seeking

Barking Dogs may bark when they want to draw attention on themselves or on something that is going on: a car arriving, mail, unusual noises, cats, children playing, etc. This is different than territorial barking: the dog barks a few times and waits for some attention or action to be taken.

Typically, the dog barks to seek attention if there are people around; attention seeking barking is more frequent in mature dogs that have developed awareness of their surroundings.

4. Excitement and Playful Barking

Dogs can communicate their excitement by barking. If you play with him he might request a treat by barking.

If he is excited about something, he might also bark.

This is a friendly behavior and the barking stops after you have administrated a treat or offered some attention to your dog.

5. Barking to Signal Needs

A dog may realize that by barking he can signal his need of food and affection or when he wants to go outside. So, he will be sitting in front of the food bowl and barking when he feels hungry or barking in front of the door when he wants to go outside. This behavior is similar to the attention-seeking barking.

6. Anxiety and Stress

Dogs may bark if they are under stress or if they suffer from separation anxiety.

The stress may be induced by different factors or diseases, so it might be a good idea to visit a vet. Also, try to help your dog accommodate to the possible changes that may have caused stress.

If the dog is left by himself for too long, he will start barking out of boredom or anxiety.

How to Stop Excessive Barking

Excessive barking may be problematic for dog owners; it is noisy and may disturb the neighbors.

It is important to detect the cause of the barking so as to be able to find a suitable solution.

Obedience training may solve the problem. Calming down and distracting the dog are frequent methods used to stop the barking when a stimulus that induces barking occurs.

Go to the vet to establish if there are any medical reasons for your dog’s barking.

Stress and anxiety may be solved by offering more attention to your pet or sometimes with therapy and medication.

There are also different types of bark collars that can correct your dog’s behavior.

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