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Resolving Dog Barking Problems with Minimum Punishment

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How to Resolving Dog Barking Problems with Minimum Punishment

Dog barking problems can lead to sleepless nights and disgruntled neighbors. Resolving dog barking problems with minimum punishment can be accomplished by following a few simple rules. Understanding the cause of your dog's barking can help determine the best solution for getting him to stop.

Causes of Dog Barking

  • Confinement: If your dog is locked away from you, he may bark to get out.
  • Boredom: If your dog is not getting enough exercise, he may bark to release energy.
  • Other dogs: If other dogs come into your dog's territory, he may bark to show dominance.
  • Strangers: If unknown people, such as delivery man, are around the dog may bark to alert you to the stranger's presence.

Solutions to Dog Barking

  • Ample space: Ideally the space will be outdoors in a fenced yard to provide room to move around.
  • Exercise: Daily exercise and interaction will let your dog release pent-up energy and tire himself out. A well exercised dog tends to bark less.
  • Socialize: Make sure your dog has the opportunity to interact with other dogs. This is especially important if you live in a neighborhood where there are many other animals because your dog will most likely not bark as much if the other dog is familiar.
  • Verbal reprimand: If your dog barks at inappropriate times, a stern "NO" often will cause him to stop. You should be firm but do not yell as this may cause the dog to raise his voice also by barking more.

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