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Controlling Dog Behavior Problems though Training

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Controlling Dog Behavior Problems though Training

The best method for controlling dog behavior problems is training. Canine behavior issues such as aggression, barking and other canine behavior problems will not just go away on their own.

Often, the undesirable behavior becomes unmanageable when it is not addressed. Training your dog to behave properly is a commitment on the owner's part, but taking the necessary steps to do so is well worth the time and effort. Seldom is there an immediate solution to a canine behavior problem. Dog training requires consistent behavior and patience on the part of the owner.

Aggressive Dog Behavior

Canine aggression is one of the toughest behavioral issues to address. The very first step that must be taken is to train your dog to perform basic obedience behaviors. This will teach your dog to listen to you and give him some alternatives to barking, growling or other anti-social displays. Use reward based training methods for basic obedience. This will motivate your dog to work with you, build a bond of trust between you and make working together fun.

Using aversive training methods to train an aggressive dog is often a formula for disaster. Becoming aggressive yourself will only heighten your dog's state of arousal and cause the problem to escalate. In cases of mild aggression, basic training can alter the behavior or at least make it manageable. If there is no improvement in your dog's aggressive behavior, you should absolutely enlist the help of a veterinarian and a trainer. Aggression is often a very dangerous and complex problem that may require the help of a professional.

Dog Barking Problems

Nuisance barking is a very common dog behavior problem. Dogs bark for a variety of reasons, from boredom to territorial guarding. Barking caused by boredom is often remedied by taking steps to make his environment more interesting. Offer a variety of toys, change them out every few days so they will retain their novelty value. Introduce interactive toys that dispense food to keep him interested in chewing on them. Barking at strangers and other dogs can be helped by blocking his visual access at gates and windows. If the dog cannot see the "intruder" it may reduce territorial barking.

Canine Behavior Problems

Dogs display behavioral problems that can be directly related to their living environment. Barking, digging, destructive chewing and housetraining issues can all be alleviated with proper training and management. Getting plenty of exercise is a key step in modifying a dog's behavior.

Provide your dog with many toys and chews to keep his mind occupied. Otherwise, he will seek out things to do that may get him into trouble. A safe place to be confined is a very important management tool while you are training your dog. Keeping him in an area where he cannot practice an undesirable behavior will help reduce the incidence of the behavior. Training your dog to listen and teaching him alternative behaviors will go more smoothly when you manage his environment.

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