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Overcoming Common Dog Potty Training Problems

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Overcoming Common Dog Potty Training Problems

Dog potty training is the leading training difficulty encountered by dog owners. It is often a source of frustration, but by following a few guidelines you will have your dog house trained in no time. Keep a few things in mind—To effectively house train any dog, you must be consistent and patient. Housebreaking your dog will take some time. Accidents will occur in spite of your very best efforts to prevent them. These things are true in the case of puppy potty training and house training for adult dogs.

Management for Dog House Training

The first step in effective potty training is environmental management. Keeping your dog or puppy confined or supervised is very important during the housebreaking process. This will minimize the number of accidents he has and maximize the number of times he can be reinforced for relieving himself in an appropriate area. Consider kennel training your dog to help him achieve housebreaking. When he is not confined in a kennel, he should be kept on a leash when he is with you. This will keep him from wandering away to have a potty accident while you are busy. The fewer accidents he has, the fewer accidents he will have in the future.

Do not allow your dog to have free access to food and water during house training. Feed her once in the morning and once in the evening. Offer her as much water as she will drink every 2 to 3 hours. Take your dog the appropriate location to go potty after each feeding and after drinking. This will allow you to establish a schedule for your dog.

Dog Potty Training Procedure

Determine where you want your dog to eliminate. Take him to that location on a leash each time you take him out to potty. Stay with him until he relieves himself. If you have waited 15 minutes and it seems as though your dog is "holding it" you may take him back indoors and place him in his confinement area for 10 minutes. Try again, and repeat the process until he goes. When he is successful, praise him and offer him a treat.

Offer your dog plenty of opportunities to relieve himself in the appropriate location. Take him to it after he sleeps, directly after eating or drinking and regular intervals of every 2 to 3 hours.

As your dog becomes more successful with house training you may extend the times between the regular intervals by 30 minutes every few days. If an accident does occur, you will know your dog needs to go more often.

When your dog has gone 2 weeks without an accident you may try allowing her some more independence. If a potty training mishap happens you will know that your dog needs another week of training.

Most dogs will be house trained in about 2 weeks. Some will take less time, while others may take more time. This is usually determined by the age of the dog, earlier housebreaking experiences, how consistent the owner adheres to the house training process and the dog's health.

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