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The 10 Best Family Dog Breeds by Popularity

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59% of those surveyed say pets are good for their health and the health of their family and help them relax. 40% say that owning a dog motivates them to exercise on a regular basis. Three-quarters of dog owners consider their dog like a child or family member and more than half of cat owners say the same (NPOS). From APPMA

The 10 Best Family Dog Breeds by Popularity

Dogs can not only be a man's best friend, but a best friend to the entire family. You may be torn between certain breeds or not know enough about others. This guide will help you begin the research involved in selecting a dog that is right for your family. In no certain order, this list shows the most popular dog breeds suitable for family pets, meaning they are proven to be good with children and overall great companions.

  1. The Labrador Retriever -Whether it's a Chocolate, Black or Yellow lab this breed is well-known for its kid-friendly nature and easy-going demeanor. A healthy Lab will grow to between from 55 to 75 lbs. and will need stimulation in the form of training, daily walks and other outdoor activities.
  2. The Golden Retriever - This devoted and loving family dog will bring happiness and warmth with its friendly and likeable personality. This energetic breed will need activity and its long coat will require regular brushing.
  3. The Labradoodle - This fairly new mixed breed (a cross between a Labrador and a Poodle) is quickly gaining popularity and for good reason. With its outgoing personality and appealing looks this dog has earned a spot in the home of notables like Tiger Woods and Jennifer Aniston.
  4. The Beagle - An energetic and playful breed, the Beagle fits in well with an active family who likes to engage their pets with play and daily stimulation.
  5. The German Shepherd - This strong and regal animal has been popular for centuries and has found its way into many American homes with its energy combined with a fierce sense of loyalty. This breed of dog also requires daily exercise along with grooming.
  6. The Boxer - The regal stance of a Boxer never hints at its goofy nature but this gentle and loving dog is a proven family pet who is especially fond of children.
  7. The Shih Tzu - Employed by ancient Chinese as steadfast guard dogs, this breed is now seen as adoring and animated.
  8. The Standard Poodle - Most often thought of as a companion to the wealthy, this dog was actually bred for sport and will require daily exercise and professional grooming. Although obedient and loving this dog should be included in most family activities as it has a tendency for loneliness.
  9. The Bull Dog - Bred to fight in old England, this breed quickly adjusted to domestication and finds a place in many homes with its gentle and protective nature. A great companion for children who can easily handle this boorish-looking but lovable animal.
  10. The Pug - Eager-to-please and full of enthusiasm this breed has proven itself to be loyal and playful. Expect to be entertained by its canine antics and annoyed by occasional antics.

Let this guide serve as an outline for dogs to consider and always research specific breeds carefully considering the activity level of your family, the age of children who will be in contact with the dog and how much time you will have daily for walks, training and quality time with your new family friend.

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