Thinking about purchasing an Ainu? Then read our breed profile including a brief description, information on height, weight, color, coat, temperament, grooming, activity and history. Purchasing a new puppy is a commitment that may last ten or more years so please educate yourself on the Ainu breed, including all stages of their life from puppy hood to older dog.

Ask yourself will I be a good owner? Do I have the time it takes to train a new puppy? Do I have the resources to give my new dog a rewarding life. Do I have a local veterinarian that I can take my new dog to? Do I have a groomer or can I do the grooming myself on a regular basis.

Fundamental requirements for a being a good Ainu owner;

Before making a purchase talk to the breeder, ask them many questions about their dogs and the breed in general. A good breeder will teach you about the Ainu and they will have many questions for you about your home and life style and if this breed is suited for you and your family.

Questions you may want to ask an Ainu Breeder:

It is recommended that you sign a contract with the breeder so that there will be no misunderstandings on the arrangements made. Then bring home your new Ainu and enjoy as "there is no greater love then a dog's devotion."

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Ainu Breed Profile

The Ainu is a Japanese spitz breed that is rarely seen outside of Japan. The name is derived from the tribe of Ainu that existed in Japan for thousands of years who lived on the northern most Japanese island of Hokkaido. This breed was known for it's strength, but is commonly used today as a hunting and guard dog. It was historically a courageous dog, willingly attacking a 600-pound bear. It is now commonly a household dog that is clean and mannerly, yet quick to warn of danger. The dog may occasionally have a black tongue. When loved and cared for, the Ainu Dog is obedient to his master and a great friend.

Other Names: Hokkaido, Ainu-Ken

Type: Companion

Height: 18.5 - 21.5 inches
45-65 lbs.

Colors: Red, white, black, black and tan or partly gray
Double-coated; top coat is medium, short and dense; undercoat is dense.

Temperament: Intelligent, fiercely loyal and affectionate. Makes a great family pet. Bold and sometimes headstrong. Faithful and alert.
With Children:
Medium-high: Well-behaved in the home and affectionate.

Watch-dog: High - Well behaved, yet great as a guard and watchdog.
High - Intelligent and readily trained. Wary of strangers.

Training: High - readily trained.
Learning Rate:
High - known for intelligence.

Activity: High
Special Needs:
Fenced yard, socialization, exercise, training

Health Issues: None known

Life Span: 11-13 years

Country of Origin: Japan
Ainu History:
Bred by people of Hokkaido (Japan) to hunt deer and bears. Most dogs are now companions. Known for it's strength and hunting and guarding abilities.



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