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  • I want to buy the dog from you, but i do not know how much you are giving it out for, so i want you to know that i have a deep interest in it, but i will be paying you for it with a cashiers check through my client in the USA, whom i supplied raw materials to, i will want you to send the name and address you want to be on the check and for it to be send to you, so i can have my client instructed to send the check to you soon.

    And for the shipment my shipping agents will be the ones to handle that, they will come to pick it up from you. Thank you as i will be waitting to hearing from you soon. Mrs monica brown.
  • Hi Laurie ,
    Thanks for the mail, getting back to you was a bit late because of church programmes. Anyway,how was your day? Mine was splendid! having read your mail, I contacted my client who told me its takes just 24hrs for a cashier's check to clear the bank in the US. so, he'll issue a check in your full name while you send the detail information .Meanwhile, my client is owing me some money I've just instructed him to include $3,000 on the payment, so, you should be expecting check of $4,400 while you wire back the balance to me via western union as soon as the check clears the bank. I hope i can count on you for the balance as I'll use it for settling shipping agency and other custom problems, while the shipper will come to pick the bike without giving you any stress. I hope to hear from you while you send me the detail information on how the check will get to you. Regards dammy
  • We received this letter from a Cat Breeder:
Below is a similar case to note on your site about it happening to cat breeders also. I received the counterfeit check this morning., 2-3-03:

I have been communicating with someone about purchasing a Ragdoll breeding pair to be exported outside the US. This case is a SCAM. The email address of the crook is [email protected] , with the name Mark Johnson. So if anyone gets correspondence from this email address, please do not reply. I am in communication with the US Secret Service about this matter, being referred to them by my local FBI office. Here is the scenario so that nobody gets "ripped off". I have not sent any cats to him, just in case want to know. So I'm not out anything but my time. The FBI told me that they have a joint task force with the US Secret Service set up just for fraud cases from Nigeria. Here's what happened.
  • Contacted by someone looking for breeding cats to be exported.
  • A few communications later, I'm notified they are to be exported to Nigeria.
  • Writer claims a "creditor" owes him money, and this is the party that wants the breeding cats. He is acting on their behalf..
  • Writer then claims the interested party will only write one cashiers check. He wants to know if I will send him the balance "over " the amount quoted for the cats so that he can recoup his money from this person.
  • I wrote back saying that would be OK, as I assume it would only be a small amount, say $100-200.
  • Writer claims that he will arrange all shipment arrangements through Jet Pets and I am only required to get the health certificates. Once he receives his "overage amount" from me, he will arrange the shipping agency to contact me.
  • I receive an email instructing me to send "overage amount" to a certain party by Western Union. Western Union requires cash or credit card in order to send funds by wire transfer. He wanted me to do this on Tuesday, the day after I received the DHL packet containing the check.
  • I received the cashier's check, written on a Wells Fargo Bank in Minnesotta, by DHL courier this morning.
  • The check is for $7500.
  • My bank will not cash it, and would place a 10 day hold on deposit only.
  • I take the check to the Wells Fargo office closest to my home. I wait two hours. I am told the check appears to be counterfeit, and that Wells Fargo is currently having their fraud division work on this type of scheme.
  • I was told by Wells Fargo, that there are some 200 of these checks "floating around" out there.

The party expected me to deposit his "check" in my bank, and for me to send him about $5000 by Western Union. Scenario involved sending bad check in the process of obtaining cats. Wells Fargo bank told me that this type of scam has been used with dog and horse breeders also. I would end up with a check that was rubber, and he would end up with my good money. He even called my home before I returned from Wells Fargo bank. I spent two hours there waiting to see if the check was good. The FBI office told me that they often will call the "target" and pressure them to send the money owed immediately. They often will threaten legal recourse, stating that the check sent is a cashier's check, and that the problem is with my bank and not their check. Just a HEADS UP so you don't get scammed.
Dave Chambers of Ragnarok Cattery
  • This is the second "African" person to contact me about dogs. I sent this guy pictures of some old puppies to see if he would follow through with the deal and send me a check. I scared the first guy off when I called his scam. He got very, very angry at me, he used profanity toward me and threatened me when I told him I would certainly not wire money into his account until the check cleared the bank.

    Thanks for your prompt message on the pix of the puppies. Beleive i am more than interested having of of the puppies haing seen the pix.I cant really wait to have one.I think i'm very pleased with the price however i would humbly oblige you to help confirm the cost for the shipping of the puppy to Lagos,Nigeria.I would like to hear from you ASAP.



  • Hello, I recently had a man from Africa email about getting a weimaraner pup. Like the other emails said, he had a client in the states who would send me a check for $4,000. I was supposed to take out the price of the pup and return the remaining balance to him. I gave him my address and phone number. He said a check was in the mail. I thought it sounded a little fishy so I contacted my bank to find out if this was a common practice. The president of the bank said that if I received a check in mail to NOT OPEN IT!! I quickly emailed the man from Africa back and told him that if I heard form him again and if I received a check from him that he would be prosecuted and sent to jail. This obviously scared him off, because I never received a check nor did I hear from him again. Thank you. Sincerely, Brian
  • Linda,
    Thanks for the reply, I will the offer and please i will appreciate it if you please send the pictures to me. I will like to pay in a cashier's check as soon as possible. I will need your full name and address with phone number so that I can forward it to my client in the states who i will instruct to issue you a check of $4000. I know the money is more than the pup price but i will need you to do me a favor by sending the remaining balance via western union for i will need it to pay my international shipping agent who will come and pick up the pup as soon as payment is made. I will be waiting for your reply and the address so that i can make sure the cashier's check gets to you this week. You can take $300 for healthy meals and drugs needed and feel free to contact me in there is anything. Thank you. Regards Dr Thomas
  • Hi. We recently had an add on your website and we did receive a lot of calls. But something bad happened. We had a guy from South Africa - Nigeria want a dog. He said he was a doctor and he would arrange the shipping arrangements but he was going to send us more money then the dog was and he wanted us to wire it to his shipper. Well, come to find out we got the check and ran a check on it and it came up counterfeit. Comes to find out these guys are part of the Nigerian Fraud and have hit hundreds of people. In the last week they have hit 4-5 dog breeders in Nebraska and Colorado. So for your customers concern I would post something about people try something similar to this. Please don't post our name, but for the concern of others they need to be informed. Thank you for everything, your website brought us great people and sales. The Hopken's
  • hello john,
    i am a dog lover and an expert in dog training, i have woked with newfoundland, bulldogs and german shepherd in the past with great success, i particilarly need this akc lab pups for pet purpose. my client needs one and my children need the remaining two.
    i am really interested in the dogs and want to use this sets as surprise for my kids who thinks am too consumed with my job than their needs, as for your price i am okay with it. my client in the US who is oweing me the sum of $4,000, will send a check of $4,000 to you. then take out your $450 *3=$1,350 for pups, then send the balance of $2,650 to me via western union money transfer
    As for the shipping, i will instruct my shipping agent to pick up the pups from you .if this is ok with you pls reply me in time with your address and phone number,
    regards, david.
  • We also had a Stacy Adam from Nigeria wanting two pups from us, he wanted to send a friend from New Jersey who supposedly owed him a chunk of money to come to pick up the dogs, give us a $5000 check, and we were supposed to send the rest of the check back to Nigeria. We stated, that we never sell via middle men, and that we only accept payments of dogs, as I do not want to be used for money laundry. Nobody ever showed us, we never received a check, as we would refund a$5000-dollar check anyway, but I still get e-mails from Stacy Adam asking were her check is, even so I advised hr friendly, that we will under no circumstances do such transaction, nor work through any middle man! The checks, that we supposed to get, are supposed to be cashier's checks. However, I never sent a dog, never received a check, but thought, the whole thing is just too fishy, especially because there were no many questions this Stacy Adam had about the pups he wanted to get. However, I still receive e-mails from this person about this check!! You are very welcome to put this letter also into you fraud awareness program!!! Thanks, Sonya
  • I have Great Dane pups for sale and I received and email from a man in Africa (that is all he would tell me) wanting 2 puppies. It sounded kind of odd, but I figured I'd give him a fair chance just as I would anyone else. I had read your warning to breeders the previous day to receiving an email from this man. I'm so glad I found this site, otherwise I could have gotten myself in some financial trouble. Below is the last email I received from a man named Terry. I politely replied to him and told him if he still wanted the pups, I needed a money order for the amount of the puppies and that was all. Here is the email:

    Sure! how can you send a goods when payment is not made. Nevertheless, i will like to inform you that i am buying the for a clinet of my and he will be issuing you a check which include the cost of the pups, the shippment and my commission, so am trying to solicit with you to help cash this check and deduct the cost of the pups and send the balance to me so that I can use it to pay the shipper that will come for the pick-up pups. Pls if you can help me do this forward the info for the payment so that I can forward to my client for the issuing of the check.
    Hope to hear from you soon. Terry

  • Dear People,
    A breeder friend of mine in the U.S. received this email a couple days ago and sent it to me, assuming the person was perhaps German and since I am in Germany, might want to contact them about a puppy. We have CHESAPEAKES - his mail did not reference a breed, but I thought of the article immediately and wanted to draw this to your attention. The mail was so obviously suspect. I did take the liberty of writing back to this person, but stated I would only accept CASH ON PERSONAL DELIVERY of any pup I sold - of course, I did not receive a reply!!
    May I ad that I do translations for the police department and the poorly written english below made me assume it was being written by someone from an African country....
    Good luck nailing these scammers! Sincerely, Kristi Ess Argen Kennels Amtzell, Germany
  • A Dr. Thomas Wash wrote and ask about my dogs, I sent the info to him then he said he would buy one but please do him a favor. His client here in the state would send me a cashiers check for 6,000 dollars then please take my price out then wire the remaining to his shipping agent who would come pick the dog up and send it over seas. How ever the cashier check is counterfeit and the wire transfer was going to Nigeria. Luckily I had the check checked out before running thru the bank. They go by different names, the cashier check is a very good forgery. They make it sound like they are very interested in the dog asking for pictures and saying please take good care of their dog. If you do not wire the funds they will call saying they are a relay operator wanting to know why you have not wire the money. I hope this does not happen to any of our breeder. Linda
  • Hello,
    Please read this.. I got an inquiry on my basset site, hosted on your site, I believe it was this scam, supposedly a man/vet from Nigeria, wanted to buy 4 basset puppies, he was going to have his agent send me a cashiers check someone that owed him money from the states, He could not get the money from this man, but he wanted the man to send it to me, and then me western union the money to him, the difference in the price of the puppies as to the amount of the check, I never received the check, thank goodness, I put a time limit on it, I think he couldn't do it because the puppies were too young to ship. But it is going on obviously.. and I did have several emails from a person, that was acting as an agent, and supposedly a vet.. Thanks, Linda
  • I would like to say first that I'm a repeat user of puppydogweb. I was wondering if it was possible to pass this warning of a scam on to other advertisers. I had a guy have another guy send me 3,000 for a 350 dollar dog. And wanted me to send him the change. But he wanted it ASAP. Before the check could clear the bank. Well I may live in the sticks but I'm not stupid. The check was a counterfeit check. He was quite convincing about his dad death and needed the money right away. But as you should do you do not send any money or puppy till the check has cleared their bank. So if you could pass this on. The bank that the checks were from said. They get 2-5 of these checks a day. So I'm not the only one that is or was trying to get scammed. Thanks Albert Dickinson, English Setters
  • SENT TO 2000Dogs.Com
    Name: Gary Jones
    Email: [email protected]
    Remote Name:

    Dear Sir, I am a puppy merchant based in West Africa, i'm interested in purchasing some of your puppies which you advertised on the internet. please mail me back if it still for sale. Payment would be made by a cashier's check drawn from a U.S. Bank. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Gary Jones
  • Important Message From

Hello to all buyers and sellers. I hope you're enjoying the holiday season and that 2003 brings you much success.

A very serious matter has come to our attention and we feel it is our duty to inform our users regarding any type of large-scale fraudulent activity that may be taking place related to this industry. We strongly believe in educating everyone to create an environment that is beneficial to both the buyer and the seller.

People selling horses are receiving buyer inquiries from a third party regarding the purchase of a horse from a potential buyer in Nigeria or Africa. This inquiry commonly attempts to arrange the purchase of the horse with a cashiers check covering the price of the horse and shipping. After the horse has been shipped, they commonly ask you to refund the shipping charges as part of a "finders' fee" arrangement.

Unfortunately, the cashier's check that is sent is counterfeit. This fact is not uncovered until the horse and the finder's fee have been forwarded to the scam artists.

To protect yourselves and others against this type of activity, it is important to try and obtain as much information about the buyer as possible. If you suspect the buyer may be involved in this or similar scams, please forward any information you can obtain to the following organizations: For U.S. complaints use the Federal Trade Commission Consumer Complaint Form:$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01

For Canadian Complaints contact the Royal Canadian Mounted Police:

To help you in recognizing these types of scams, we have provided below a list of indicators. They are only guidelines, and as always, should be tempered with common sense.

- Big Promises Claims such as offering more money than the asking price without an initial conversation regarding the horse are almost always a sure sign of a scam. Be careful of any individual who wants to send you more money than you are asking for.

- High Pressure Tactics Be wary of individuals asking you to speed up the transaction beyond your comfort range. Again, a legitimate deal probably isn't going to move as fast as your money. Don't let yourself be pressured -- think things through.

- Requests for financial information. Don't give out any bank information without establishing a comfort level with the buyer or seller.

- Always get something in writing. You should never complete a transaction without first writing down the terms of the deal and have each party sign it. If you can't afford a lawyer to draft up a contract, you still should write down the terms of the deal in plain English and get it signed. Any buyer or seller that is hesitant or resists is usually a sure sign of a potential problem.

- Remember the old saying, "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is."

I would like to thank you for helping us keep our industry true by spreading the word about fraudulent buyers and sellers. is doing its part, so please help us by doing what you can too.

Best Wishes and Happy Holidays,

Aaron T. Bromagem President

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