OUR MISSION: To provide an opportunity for pure bred dog breeders and those looking to acquire a new family member to connect. "Puppy Dog Web" is owned by individuals who breed, raise and show dogs and know how important it is to find suitable homes for our precious babies.

OUR GOALS: To maintain a user friendly, well designed website dedicated to dogs. To acquire as many unique hits of potential customers as possible. To constantly grow and change to fit the needs of our advertisers and the ever changing internet.

The owners of the PuppyDogWeb.Com are creating the possibility that ever person who enters our website who is looking for a purebred puppy or dog will find what they are looking for in our advertisements and every breeder who advertises with us will sell their entire litter through our site.

ABOUT US: The Puppy Dog Web (aka Puppy Shop, Puppies-Dogs, Breeders of Puppies) was started in 1997 as a hobby, today it is a full-time operation reaching hundreds of millions of people a year.

WEB ADVERTISING: The web has offered a unique opportunity for dog breeders to showcase their new litters, dogs, kennels or breeding programs at low, low costs. Unlike traditional print ads in dog magazines which take up to three months to have the ad published, the web gives the seller the opportunity to place their ad and see it up within days. Web advertising is also unlike advertising in your local newspapers because you are able to reach a worldwide audience. With an extensive audience you will see much better results in who you place your puppies with.