A Guide to Heated Dog House Products

Age: 8 Months
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A Guide to Heated Dog House Products

When cold weather hits, providing a heated dog house can not only keep your dog warm, it can keep him healthy as well. While the ideal is to have your dog indoors with you, the next best thing is to use one of the available products to heat his dog house to help him maintain his body temperature as the temperature drops. The most important thing about any dog house heating product is to ensure the dog house is raised off the ground to allow any moisture accumulation to evaporate and to always cover the doorway with a piece of carpeting or heavy burlap to help maintain the heat inside the house.

Dog House Heaters

Dog house heaters are a low wattage, specially constructed heater that mounts to the interior wall of the dog house. The electrical cord is attached so that once the heater is mounted on the wall, your dog doesn’t have access to chew on the cord. The construction allows the heat to be dispersed into the dog house, but prevents the dog from burning himself on the heating element. When looking for your dog house heater, always look for a model that has an adjustable thermostat and a temperature sensor so it will shut off if the dog house gets too warm.

Heated Kennel Mats

Heated kennel mats are made in different sizes to fit a variety of dog house sizes and shapes. Construction materials vary. Many come with an adjustable thermostat to allow you to adjust the temperature to suit your dog and the weather. The thing to remember about the heated kennel mats is that they warm your dog, and while there may be some residual heat, they do not heat the interior of the dog house.

Heated Dog Beds

Heated dog beds are a more comfortable version of the heated kennel mat. Heated outdoor dog beds are commonly made from a durable, weather resistant fabric and padding with the heating element inside. Manufacturers use low wattage heating elements to prevent excessive heat, but still keep your dog warm. Again, the heated dog bed is meant to warm the dog, and while it may give off some residual heat, will not warm the interior of the dog house.

Solar Dog Houses

While there are limited numbers of solar dog houses on the market, many people are turning to constructing their own dog house with a solar panel on the roof. The most common solar dog house utilizes a water filled mattress on the roof that collects the heat generated by the solar panel during the day and warms the interior of the dog house.

Keeping your dog’s house warm during the colder months of the year helps to keep his muscles and joints supple and working well, while also helping him to maintain his own body temperature. This not only keeps him comfortable, it prevents a variety of health problems such as joint issues and respiratory problems. A heated dog house will allow him to choose whether he wants to go outside to play in the snow or snuggle into the warmth of his dog house, all the time providing the shelter he’ll need from the cold weather.

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