5 Preventable Dog Health Problems

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5 Preventable Dog Health Problems

There are a number of dog health problems that may be avoided with preventive care and proper hygiene.

1. Ear Infections

Ear infections are preventable by regular and proper cleaning. Ears are a moist environment that is favorable for the development of yeast infections, fungi and bacteria.

Clean the ear canals once a week; dry them and if there is hair inside the ears, clip the hair. Dogs with furry ears are more susceptible for ear infections.

2. Periodontal Disease

The periodontal disease can be prevented with regular brushing of teeth and by giving massages to the gums of the dog.

The periodontal disease is caused by the bacteria that gather in the gums of your pet. The gums will be bleeding and will start to recede. In advanced cases of periodontal disease, the bacteria can enter the dog’s bloodstream and attack his lungs, heart, kidneys, liver or the nervous system.

The periodontal disease in more common in dogs over 4 years of age and the disease has a very high incidence. So, invest in dog toothpaste and a toothbrush and start brushing your pet’s teeth.

3. Obesity

Obesity is a serious problem in dogs, leading to several health issues. Obese dogs live less than dogs with a normal weight. Overweight dogs develop heart and respiratory problems and are more susceptible to diabetes.

Dogs with a weight problem will also have a higher incidence of arthritis, due to the additional weight that has a higher impact on the joints.

Obese dogs can develop digestive problems, more frequent constipation and have less resistance to infections and diseases.

Obesity may be prevented by offering the right amount of exercise to your dog. Even if your dog eats the right amount of calories per day and is inactive, he will still gain weight, because he won’t spend his extra energy.

Dogs need certain amounts of exercise, according to their size and energy level.

Typically, a dog needs 20 to 30 minutes of exercise twice a day. Take him for a walk in the park, or take your bike and have your dog run along. Find out what your dog likes and try to make him exercise. There are special pet treadmills available for rainy days or if you don’t have the necessary time to walk your dog.

Find engaging interactive games for your dog, to ensure he doesn’t get bored.

4. Preventable Infectious Diseases

There are a number of infectious diseases that may be preventing by simply administering a vaccine. These include the canine distemper, the canine hepatitis, the parainfluenza, bordetellosis, the parvovirus, the kennel cough or canine pneumonia.

Ask your vet if he recommends these vaccines for your dog.

5. Parasites

Parasites are common in dogs and may be prevented, but not all the times. Fleas are very contagious, but a clean environment and flea collar may keep your dog flea free.

A lot of parasites such as the hookworms or ringworms are transmitted through feces, so keeping your dog and house clean may prevent your dog from getting infected. However, in some cases you cannot control every step of your dog and he may catch some parasites from other dogs or dog feces in the park.

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