5 Essential Dog Training Aids

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5 Essential Dog Training Aids

Successful training requires the use of dog training aids. Verbal commands are important to dog training, but it’s critical to be able to get your dog’s attention quickly. Treats, toys and other devices are the best way to capture a dog’s interest.

Dog trainers recommend using popular dog training aids, such as dog treats, whistles, squeaky chew toys and dog training clickers, as early as possible. Training must be a constant and not something you do when you feel like it. Make training part of your daily routine before you go to work and when you get home. Below find the five most popular dog training aids.

1. Dog Treats as Dog Training Aids

Dog treats allow you to reward your dog immediately for proper behavior. Attend any dog obedience training course and pieces of cooked liver are recommended as dog training aids by top instructors. Liver has a smell that dog’s notice.

Make sure you pick a dog treat that can be eaten quickly. If a dog has to stop and work at the treat he’s given, you’ll lose valuable training time. The treat should be something that is quick to chew and swallow.

2. Dog Training Clickers

Dog training clickers emit a sharp click when you press them. Start by acclimating your pet to the sound. When the dog hears the clicker noise, you’ll see the ears perk up or his head will turn towards the clicker, reward him with dog treats. Within minutes, the dog will realize that click is associated with a tasty treat.

At this point, you can start training the dog different behaviors by using the clicks and rewarding correct behavior with dog treats, praise or petting. These dog training aids work in many situations from potty training to stopping a dog from barking unnecessarily.

3. Squeaky Chew Toys

Dogs love to play. You can quickly train a dog to hand over items by distracting them with chew toys. Offer the dog one chew toy, and while he is busy chewing on that toy, pull out another and start squeaking it. The dog will instinctively drop the first toy to get the second. When he drops the first praise reward him while saying the words “drop it,” and then hand the second toy with a “take it” command.

4. Taste Deterrents for Chewing Problems

Teething puppies chew anything they can find. Keeping them well stocked with chew toys helps keep them from chewing objects like chair and table legs. However, sometimes they’ll break the rules and chew things like shoes, purses and other available items. If there are objects your puppy is drawn to, use taste deterrents to break them of the habit.

5. Dog Spray Collars

Citronella dog spray collars give a quick blast of non-toxic citronella spray that surprises dogs. They are extremely effective in breaking dogs of barking habits. When the dog barks, the collar sprays a small amount of citronella. Dog dogs associate their bark with the odor and the hissing sound and learn quickly to avoid setting the collar off.

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