Renaissance Newfoundlands, New York Newfoundland

Name: Karen Diemer
Address: 2236 Church Road, Darien Center, New York 14040
Phone: 585-591-0962
Club Affiliations and Registries: AKC

Renaissance Newfoundlands

Renaissance Newfoundlands, New YorkHow do you put into words the temperament and loyalty of a Newfoundland? They have existed for centuries- have been immortalized by poets (Lord Byron) and heroes (Lewis and Clark) alike. Though you may search the world over, you will never find another breed with such stunning heart, strength, devotion, love and gentleness as the Newfoundland possesses. They are our guardians and our friends- our companions and our comrades.

We, at Renaissance, have owned this loving breed for thirty years, and know first hand the true heart and temperament of the Newf. We bought our first Newfoundland in 1977. "Ben" was the gentlest giant in the world- loving, kind- he embodied the true Newfoundland spirit that Lord Byron immortalized. He demonstrated that loving courage, one day, when I was attacked by a stray dog from behind, while walking through our woods. Ben defended me, and when the attacker had gone, displayed his rescue dog abilities by 'worrying' over me like the Newf that he was. No other dog I have ever owned showed such human compassion as Ben did that day. I have never forgotten the kindness this beautiful dog possessed- or the heart that he showed, each day, loving his people more than himself. It is because of Ben that we began breeding these beautiful giants- dedicating our lives to producing others that Renaissance Newfoundlands, New York would brighten people's lives like our Ben did for us. When our children came along he was seven years old- he became their self appointed Nanny- ever so much akin to Peter Pan's 'Nana'. Renaissance Newfoundlands, New York

It is because of these outstanding qualities that we honor this breed by producing dogs of sound mind and body that exude the true Newfoundland temperament. Because we believe the foundation for health starts in the womb, we take great care in feeding our dogs organic whole grains, antibiotic and hormone free meats, and organic vegetables and fruits. We also believe in the works of Dr. Belfield, and supplement with mega doses of Vitamin C throughout not only pregnancy, but those first twenty-four crucial months. Because we have so many years of experience in holistic medicine and nutrition, we produce only healthy Newfoundlands - something which is in a minority in the breed. Because of the way he was fed and supplemented, Ben lived to be fifteen years old- all of which were healthy happy years.

Renaissance Newfoundlands, New YorkWe feel, on average, that the life span of this breed is too short for the inner beauty and personality each Newf possesses- Renaissance Newfoundlands, New York and we do everything in our power to produce dogs that will have not only health, but longevity. Although we feel that the Newfoundland's place is- first and foremost- a family companion, we do breed within breed standard and are active in the show ring. We also do genetic testing on our Newfs and guarantee our puppies against any form of genetic defects. We are totally committed to the families that adopt our puppies and are available for the life of the puppy: for advice, to share stories or just lend a listening ear. We delight in the pictures we receive at Christmas time, and remain connected to those who adopt one of our babies.

We occasionally have puppies available, and are eager to share our information not only about the health and longevity of this wonderful breed, but in our own breeding program as well. Please visit our web site at: or email us at: or phone us at (585)-591-0962.

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